Hire a boat in Alicante with Marine Spirit

Barco de Marine Spirit

Do you like the sea at its best? At Bguest we have the perfect plan for you.

Many of you come to Alicante on holiday or to get away and want to hire a boat. We have the perfect recommendation for you! If you want to hire a boat and see the sun set on the horizon, explore anchorage areas, sail along crystal clear coves and, ultimately, live a unique sea experience, Marine Spirit Charter has what you’re looking for.

Marine Spirit is a new way to sail on your own or with a captain. They offer several different boat options with different features to choose the one that best suits your needs. Among them is the Hanse 415 Marine Spirit One, spacious and very well-performing, which, in addition, has been awarded as the ‘Boat of the Year’ in many countries.

The company offers services of academy, sailing, boat repair and hire… to enjoy a day in the Mediterranean with friends or family. Just imagine yourself and your own sailing along the Alicante coast, discovering paradisiacal corners and connecting with the freedom and vastness of the sea. Does that sound good?

The calm waters and the good weather we have in Alicante are the ideal allies to venture out for a nautical day. If you’re interested, you can check the Marine Spirit boats available on this link and find your place at sea.

You can also contact them and solve any questions by phone or email:

+34 965 211 955
699 981 482 | 690 114 634

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Laura MartínezHire a boat in Alicante with Marine Spirit