We invite you to review the Terms and Conditions of On-Line Purchase that regulate the offer and purchase of products on this site.

By using this website and purchasing on it, you are deemed to accept these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, so we recommend you read them carefully. If you do not agree, you must not purchase any product on this site.


1.1 Service Provider Identification.

In compliance with Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, the identification data of the owner of www.bguest.es are:
CIF: B-54465661
Paseo de la Explanada, 11 Alicante (03002)

Hereinafter “ALIWOOD GESTIÓN”.

For any questions or queries, you can contact us by:

Phone: 965211955
E-mail: hola@bguest.com

1.2 Description.

ALIWOOD GESTIÓN, through these General Terms and Conditions, offers its users and visitors the opportunity to book tourist accommodation.

ALIWOOD GESTIÓN may alter, at any time and without prior notice, the design, presentation and/or configuration of this website, as well as some or all of the services offered.

1.3 Acceptance of particular purchase conditions.

Access to and use of the www.bguest.es service implies the User’s full acceptance of all the conditions in these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. In addition, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN reserves, in any case, the unilateral right to modify these General Terms and Conditions.

The fact that ALIWOOD GESTIÓN does not use any of these conditions at any given time cannot be interpreted as or will not mean a renounce to use to them in the past or future.


When making a reservation, the Customer must note that there must be at least one person over 18 per reservation.

When the Customer makes a reservation on this Website, the rates indicated in the search results are the applicable fees. All rates are for full apartments.

The price indicated before the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the payment of the reservation, this is, before the Customer is bound by any contract or payment obligation, is final and includes the price of all the selected products and applicable taxes.

In the event of any unforeseen changes or problems with the booking, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN will automatically contact the Customer for approval/instructions before making any change.

The price does not include any unspecified service or extra, such as telephone calls, transfers, car park, etc.


The property may charge the 30 % of the total amount at booking, and the other 70% at the check-in.
In addition to the amount above, the establishment may charge (and as further developed in the Cancellation Policy): (i) the amount corresponding to the whole reservation (100 % of the amount) on the date of entry for “late cancellation”, and; (ii) 30 % of the amount of the reservation as “security deposit for damage in the apartment”, in the terms set out in the third section of the Property Special Conditions.


The cancellation policy for the accommodation is:
You can cancel and get a refund up to 8 days before arrival. Therefore: We will refund the money (i.e. 30 % of the total amount of the Reservation) minus the cancellation management fees. In addition, there is an additional 2 % charge for international cards (outside SEPA), virtual B2B cards and AMEX cards.
If the Customer cancels within 7 days before the date of arrival, it will be considered a “late cancellation” and the 100 % of the price of the Reservation will be charged.


ALIWOOD GESTION will give the PROPERTY to the CUSTOMER in perfect condition of habitability, clean and tidy and with all its supplies and general services in operation from the date and time established as check-in.

In the same sense, the Customer undertakes to leave the PROPERTY, on the date and time established as check-out, neat and tidy.

Without prejudice to the above, the CUSTOMER may request ALIWOOD GESTIÓN an early check-in or a late check-out. ALIWOOD GESTIÓN, as long as this does not interfere with other possible reservations, may grant a time-extension without prejudice to the right to charge an additional fee.


ALIWOOD GESTIÓN will make sure the PROPERTY is fully furnished and equipped with crockery, cutlery, sheets, towels, basic cleaning utensils, etc. (hereinafter, EQUIPMENT). The EQUIPMENT must be returned in the same condition in which it was, except for typical wear and tear due to CUSTOMERS’ use during their stay.

If objects are missing at the time of departure or are not in the same condition in which they were before, the CUSTOMER will have to replace them. In such case, the security deposit may be used. If the damage exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the CUSTOMER is obliged to pay the difference.


Credit card payments: credit card withholding:

When the CUSTOMER arrives at the PROPERTY, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN will withhold an amount equivalent to 30 % of the amount of the reservation, from the credit card the CUSTOMER provided when making the reservation, as a deposit for possible damage to the facilities of the PROPERTY (hereinafter, DEPOSIT).

This DEPOSIT will also be used for the increase in the number of guests if the PROPERTY is in fact occupied by more people than those for which it was contracted, and without prejudice to the power of ALIWOOD GESTIÓN to resolve the contract.

Once the guests have left the PROPERTY, the amount withheld as a DEPOSIT will be refunded, minus the deductions, if any, which, duly proven, may be made.

Debit card payments: Payment of the deposit at booking:

When booking the ACCOMMODATION, the CUSTOMER must pay the 30 % of the total price as a deposit for possible damage to the facilities of the Apartment (hereinafter, DEPOSIT).

This DEPOSIT will also be used for the increase in the number of guests if the PROPERTY is in fact occupied by more people than those for which it was contracted, and without prejudice to the power of ALIWOOD GESTIÓN to resolve the contract.

Once the PROPERTY has been unoccupied, and within 24 hours maximum, the DEPOSIT will be refunded to the CUSTOMER by bank transfer, minus the deductions, if any, which, duly proven, may be made.


When making the reservation, or after confirmation, the CUSTOMER must identify the total number of guests who will stay in the PROPERTY and provide their first and last names and copies of their personal identification documents (ID, passport, etc.) in force, so ALIWOOD MANAGING, in compliance with its legal obligations, can send such information to the authorities.

Failure to deliver the identity documentation before check-in will enable ALIWOOD GESTIÓN to cancel the reservation. Should this happen, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation or refund.

Only the specific number of adults and children (from 3 to 17) can be accommodated in the PROPERTY. Babies (children under 3) are not counted.

In case of non-compliance, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN reserves the right to add an additional fee to the total price, as well as to require the CUSTOMER and other guests staying in the PROPERTY to leave it immediately. Should this happen, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation or refund.


The CUSTOMER, his/her party and all the guests staying in the building in which the PROPERTY is located are kindly requested to behave properly. In order for all guests staying in the building to be able to enjoy their stay, and without causing any inconvenience to other guests, the following rules of conduct are set out. Failure to comply with them will entail the right of ALIWOOD GESTIÓN to require the CUSTOMER and other guests staying in the PROPERTY to leave it immediately. Should this happen, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation or refund.

– It is forbidden to bring furniture into the building or the PROPERTY or to carry out any kind of work or repairs on it.

– It is forbidden to accommodate a larger number of people than the number in the reservation.

– It is forbidden to introduce explosive or flammable substances or substances that could cause damage or discomfort to other occupants of the PROPERTY or building.

– It is forbidden to carry out any activity that contradicts the usual uses of coexistence, hygiene and public order, or that prevents the normal rest of other people who use the property. For this purpose, parties or any social events that may alter the wellbeing of other guests are not permitted.

– Guests of the ACCOMMODATION are kindly requested to avoid the noise of the wheels of their suitcases when walking with them in the common areas of the building.

– Prior communication to ALIWOOD GESTIÓN, pets will be allowed to enter the common areas of the building, as well as the PROPERTY itself, being the sole responsibility of the customer to take care of them and not to leave them alone and without supervision in the PROPERTY.

– Smoking is not permitted in the common areas of the building nor in the PROPERTY itself.

-Noise, loud voice conversations, music broadcasts or any activity that may alter the tranquillity of the other residents of the building must be avoided in the common areas of the building.

– The lift must not be used by more people than allowed.

– Observe cleanliness and hygiene rules in all common areas of the building.

– The dishes must be washed before departure as this is not included in the final cleaning and we will charge you a € 25 (plus VAT) extra cleaning fee, which may be taken from the deposit.

– It is prohibited to leave bicycles, pushchairs or any other items at the entrance of the building. Otherwise, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN reserves the right to remove them.

– The customer, his/her party and other guests staying in the building will ensure that the main door of the building and the entrance door to the PROPERTY are securely closed when leaving or entering.

– The customer must respect the timetable established by municipal regulations that stipulate silence time from 15.00h to 17.00h and from 23.00h to 08.00h in both the ACCOMMODATION and the common areas of the building.

Booking an ACCOMMODATION implies the express and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions herein, so the CUSTOMER is kindly requested to clarify if he/she has any questions or queries by contacting ALIWOOD GESTIÓN before the formalization of the reservation.


The CUSTOMER declares as a user that he/she and his/her party will use the internet service provided in the ACCOMMODATION in accordance with current law, and that he/she will not access or publish illegal or immoral content.

He/she will not duplicate protected content or provide access to such content to third parties.

The CUSTOMER shall respect the rules for the protection of minors, and shall not use access for activities that may disturb, threaten or discriminate others. He/she also commits not to send illegal promotions.

The CUSTOMER is responsible for a correct use of the service, and releases ALIWOOD GESTIÓN from all obligations that may arise from the use, especially if it involves illegal use or if there is a claim by third parties.

The CUSTOMER is responsible for all costs that may arise from its use.


ALIWOOD GESTIÓN, S.L. puts at the disposal of the CUSTOMER and the other guests who stay in the building a free left-luggage service if, before their arrival or after check-out, they require the use of this service to keep their bags.

The lockers are located on the basement and require the use of one-euro coins (€ 1).

ALIWOOD GESTIÓN is, in no case, responsible for the nature, legality, loss or theft of the material, objects, suitcases, luggage, etc. that guests deposit inside.


ALIWOOD GESTIÓN is not responsible for incidents, problems or consequences arising from the use that the CUSTOMER or guests may make of the PROPERTY during their stay, including (without limitation) possible personal injury or damage.

ALIWOOD GESTIÓN commits to solve, as soon as possible, any incident that occurs in the PROPERTY and that is not attributable to a misconduct of the CUSTOMER or his/her party. In case it is not possible to solve the problem, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN undertakes to provide the CUSTOMER with another apartment of similar characteristics or to refund the proportional part of the Price.

ALIWOOD GESTION S.L. shall not be liable for the loss of any object or belonging of the CUSTOMER or his/her party due to theft or criminal activity.

The CUSTOMER shall be responsible for all damage and alterations that may occur to the PROPERTY or its furniture during the stay as long as they exceed the signs of normal wear and tear. In this sense, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN reserves the right to charge the CUSTOMER if any damage is detected in any element of the installations, either by misuse or loss.

It is noted that, in the event that the CUSTOMER or his/her party leave the ACCOMMODATION in an inappropriate condition, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN reserves the right to charge an extra fee for the additional cleaning service.

Smoking is not permitted in the PROPERTY facilities and in all common facilities. In this sense, if smells, ashes, or any other trace of smoking are detected at check-out, an additional fee of thirty euros (plus VAT) will be charged for the cost of the additional cleaning service.


From the PROPERTY management, special attention is paid to the quality of the services offered, taking care of the details and taking note of the improvements suggested by the customers, whenever possible, constantly satisfying the wishes and expectations of those staying in the building where the PROPERTY is located.

Notwithstanding the above, and in compliance with the state and autonomous regulations regarding Tourist Apartments, it is informed that ALIWOOD GESTIÓN has complaint forms at the request of the CUSTOMER or of any guest.

In case of doubt, you can contact us directly by calling 606623370 or by e-mail at hola@bguest.es.


If you have any problems, please contact us to resolve the issue at hola@bguest.es and/or on 965211955.


We remind you that ALIWOOD GESTIÓN complies with the regulations in force regarding data protection, with Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, and with EU Regulation 679/2016 on General Data Protection.

For more information about the processing of your data by ALIWOOD GESTIÓN, please see our Privacy Policy.


Intellectual and industrial property rights to the works, trademarks, logos, and any other subject of protection contained on this website correspond exclusively to ALIWOOD GESTIÓN, unless a different ownership is stated.

Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation of such works, trademarks, logos, etc. constitutes an infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights of ALIWOOD GESTIÓN or of their owner, and it may give rise to the exercise of any judicial or extrajudicial actions that may correspond in the exercise of their rights.

In addition, the information that the customer can access through the Web may be protected by industrial, intellectual or other property rights. In no event shall the Company be liable for any infringement of such rights which you may commit as a user and/or customer.


All notifications, requirements, requests and other communications to be made by the parties in connection with these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly forwarded by regular mail to the address of the other party or their e-mail.

Specifically, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN S.L. should be notified by phone on 965211955 or by email at hola@bguest.es


If any clause included in these General Contracting Conditions is declared, in whole or in part, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness shall affect only such provision or any part thereof which is null or ineffective, but the rest of the General Conditions of Purchase shall continue in force. Consequently, the clause declared wholly or partially null or ineffective shall be considered as not included.


These General Conditions are governed, to the extent permitted by the applicable regulations, by Spanish law. In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation or application of these contractual conditions, ALIWOOD GESTIÓN is submitted to the arbitral system of Consumo/the Courts and Tribunals which, if any, will be aware of the matter, and which shall be the ones that provide the legal regulations applicable in the matter of competent jurisdiction: in the case of end consumers, at the place of fulfilment of the obligation or at the place of residence of the buying party.

In the event that the buying party acts on behalf of a legal entity, both parties submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of Alicante.

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