Getting around in Alicante

Welcome to Alicante! If this is your first time in the city, you might have many doubts about how to get around the city or how to get to the nearby areas of Alicante. Well, in this blog we explain it to you in detail so that you don’t have any problems during your visit and you arrive fully prepared 🙂 

  • Alicante – Airport.

If you arrive by plane and you haven’t hired a car, you can take a taxi from the airport to your destination, or take the C6 bus to the city center, for the price of 3,85€ (single ticket per person).

We recommend you get off at Plaza de Luceros station, this is the main point of the city, the most famous square where you can have a beer, go for tapas and just enjoy having arrived in Alicante, this square is only 4 minutes walk from our building (and your home for a few days) Bguest. 

When your stay is over, follow the same procedure back to the airport. 

Please note that this bus runs every day of the year, every 20 minutes. 

For more information: Buses from Alicante C-6 to the airport ALC de l’Altet – Elche (

  • How to get around the city or the surrounding area?

We have 4 options for getting around Alicante: 

  1. Bus: The Alicante bus service runs several routes, covering the center of Alicante, residential neighborhoods, the beaches of San Juan and Campello, among others. You can get to practically all the most important places in the city by bus and, although it is the fastest method, it can also be subject to changes, delays or modifications, so we advise you to always check the website to be aware of timetables and changes (google maps can sometimes be wrong with timetables).

The single ticket costs €1.45, although you can buy a 10-trip pass for €8.70 at the Tram station in Plaza de los Luceros, which is really the most cost-effective option if you’re staying for a few days or if you’re accompanied.

Here is a link to their website, where you can see more information about the bus lines, stops, timetables, passes and fares.

2. Tram: The tram is also a good option if you want to go to the north of the province, visit the University of Alicante, Benidorm or other towns. 

There are 9 different lines:

Line 1: Luceros – Benidorm. 

Line 2: Luceros – University of Alicante – Sant Vicent del Raspeig.

Line 3: Luceros – El Campello

Line 4: Luceros – Plaza La Coruña (Playa San Juan). 

Line 5: Puerta del Mar (Playa Postiguet)- Plaza La Coruña (Playa San Juan). 

Line 9: Benidorm- Denia

The starting point of the lines is the Plaza de Luceros, which is only 4 minutes away from the B Guest Apartments, so it is very convenient if you are planning to make a route to the surrounding towns, saving us having to make transfers. 

The single ticket costs €1.45, although you can buy the 10-trip pass mentioned above in the Plaza de los Luceros, at the Tram station.

 Here is a link with more information about the lines, fares and timetables of the Tram.TRAM (

Customer service contact: 900 720 720 472

Customer service hours:

Weekdays and Saturdays: From 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Sundays and public holidays: From 8:10 to 22:00

3. Train (Renfe train station). 

The Alicante train station is a 7-minute walk from the B Guest Apartments, on Av. Salamanca (Renfe). From there there are trains to the main destinations in Spain such as Madrid or Barcelona, but if you want to know more about Alicante and its surroundings, you can take a train to Valencia, or visit towns such as Villena or Alcoy. 

For more information, here is the link to the Renfe website: Renfe | Billetes de tren Ave, Avlo al mejor precio sin comisiones

4. Taxis: 

We don’t exactly love the taxi service in Alicante, but if you prefer this option to get around the city, we recommend you to download the app Cabify and order your trips there. 

If you still prefer to use taxis, here is the link to the Alicante taxi website Taxi en Alicante – Radio Teletaxi Alicante 

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